Reversible Bee Bag


Reversible bag with bee pattern on one side, black fabric on the other.  Bags have a square bottom so they will sit open. They also have a nylon drawstring.

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These are the bags originally used for our prototypes.  We really wanted to incorporate this fabric into the final game but the sourcing just didn’t work with the manufacturer.  People loved these bags so much, however, we decided to just make them for you to buy!  Each bag is reversible, so you can have your bee pattern on the outside or inside of the bag.  They also have a square bottom so they will sit open for you on the table instead of just flopping over and spilling everything out.  Each bag also has a nylon draw string.  Use them for your tiles when playing Bee Lives, or put honey sticks, dice, or whatever else you want in these bags!

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Weight 28 g