Dirt Dog

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Use the unique skill of your pup to overcome obstacles and catch prized quarries in the underground world of Dirt Dog. Create challenges for your opponent to find out whose dog has the most moxie in the end!

Loosely based on the real world dog sport of Earth Dog, the game Dirt Dog has players leading their dog through underground burrows to try and track down quarry. Badgers, foxes, rabbits, and others are all things for your dog to chase.

The 6 quarry cards. Badger, Rabbit, Rat, Woodchuck, Red Fox, and Racoon

Play begins with players drafting obedience cards, which are used to help their dogs overcome obstacles within the burrows. One player then constructs a burrow for the other player to run. While running the burrow, both players may use obedience cards to make the challenges easier or more difficult for the dogs. Failing to meet a challenge saps some of the dogs moxie, which is needed to make it through the burrow and defeat the quarry at the end. The dog with the most moxie at the end of the round wins that round. Best of 3 rounds wins the game.

Some of the Obedience Cards in Dirt Dog

Dirt Dog is playable as either a head vs head game or team vs team. Team games have 2 players per team, called a brace. Players in a brace help each other successfully run through burrows to try and make sure they make it to the end with more moxie than their opponents.

Add your own dog to Dirt Dog during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, beginning November 10

Dirt Dog is coming to Kickstarter November 10, 2020. During the Kickstarter campaign you can have your own dog immortalized in the game. Sign up on for our newsletter to be notified of Dirt Dog’s crowdfunding launch.


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