Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer


Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer board game for 1 to 4 players.

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Join the story of the untold lives of bees! In Bee Lives, you are a queen bee, managing your hive and trying to ensure its survival. You’ll have to collect honey and pollen, hatch new brood, and build more honeycomb. But what’s going on outside your hive is just as important as what’s happening inside — your hive will swarm when it gets too big, and these newly formed wild hives will compete with you and the other players for the available resources! Can you ensure that your hive will make it through the winter?


80 Worker Bees
4 Player Hives
4 Score Markers
4 Varroa Mites
1 First Player Queen
108 Resource Cubes
5 Raid Dice
1 Wild Hive Raid Die
8 -2/-4 Point Tokens
4 40/80 Point Tokens
4 Swarm Tokens
4 Skip Feeding Tokens
4 Comb Size Markers
4 Hive Boards
4 Disease Track Boards
1 Seasons Board
1 Score Track Board
1 Wild Hive Board
8 Wild Hive Strength Indicators
8 Wild Hives
40 Wild Hive Markers
8 Queen Tokens
80 Map Tiles
27 Season Cards
12 x5 Resource Tokens
4 Month Sequence Aids
4 Seasonal Resource Aids
18 Solo Cards
1 Cloth Bag