Bee Facts in Bee Lives Site Launched

Matt Shoemaker holds a frame of honey and shows a group of people how to uncap the frame and extract honey from it

Today we are happy to announce that the we have completed the supplementary site for Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer full of bee facts related to the game. This was the final stretch goal we unlocked during the campaign. Now you can learn more about how bees behave in the real world influenced the rules, design, and potentially your game play decisions within Bee Lives. You can access these pages at the below links, or through the Bee Lives section of the menu at the top of the website.

Manufacturing on Bee Lives is wrapping up and the games will soon be loaded onto containers and headed to our fulfillment centers. Once they clear customs we will start shipping to backers. If you missed out on the kickstarter you can still pick up a copy at kickstarter prices here, but this will only last until the games arrive in port. Once the games are here you will have to pick one up directly from Hit ’em With a Shoe or from one of the retailers that backed the game via Kickstarter.


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