Bee Lives has Funded on Kickstarter!!!

Banner for Bee Lives

We launched the funding campaign on Kickstarter on September 10 and have successfully funded!  This means that Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer is now going to be a reality!  We are so excited and grateful for all of your support.  We hope you will join us all for the next 3 weeks we have left of this Kickstarter campaign.  Please continue to share the campaign on social media and with your friends.  The more supporters we can gather the better we can improve the quality of the game.  This is achieved through stretch goals, the first two of which were just unlocked:

Image of the first 2 stretch goals

We begin by enhancing the solo game through a deck of solo cards that allow you to work with the solo challenges outside of the rulebook.  Following the first solo stretch goal we head to a game quality upgrade to add a linen finish to the player boards and disease boards for a better texture, improved handling and some spill resistance.

Please join us in this campaign and see what all of the buzz is about!

You can find the kickstarter here: