What Comes in the Box for Bee Lives?

Contents of game box for Bee Lives We Will Only Know Summer

We can finally give you all a good showing of what is currently slated to come in the box for Bee Lives We Will Only Know Summer!  Our illustrator, Alina Josan, and our graphic designer, Helen Shoemaker, have been diligently working away in order to create this final prototype of the game.  Alina took some inspiration from plants and locations in Philadelphia for some of the graphics on the tiles.  Helen has tried to work with Matt Shoemaker to make the player aids, player board, and other game components as user friendly and accessible as possible.  Once the art and the graphics were completed, Helen compiled all of the files and sent them along to The Game Crafter to make this final prototype.  Though The Game Crafter made much of the physical components, the wooden beeples and other pieces and the cloth bags were all crafted by the design team.

Please note that though this is the final prototype version of the game it does not mean some of these art assets will not change.  Alina, for example, is working on 27 different illustrations for all of the cards in the season decks.  We are also always open to improving the graphic design for usability and accessibility reasons.  If you have any comments just let us know!


first component sheet of 2 for Bee Lives

The second of two component sheets for Bee Lives We Will Only Know Summer

The player board for Bee Lives We Will Always Know Summer