Protospiel – Madison, WI 2017

Walking toward the Wisconsin Capital

The Wisconsin division of Hit Em With A Shoe made it to our first #Protospiel in Madison, WI. We were looking to get an understanding of how Protospiel works and went as play testers. There were all kinds of different games. We played and saw games about four square, building robots, dragons, political primaries and figuring out how to fit 2 Parents and 2 Children in 1 Bed. There was a wide range of game stage development from designers with hand drawn cards set for play testing, while other creators were already into their Kickstarter campaigns.

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Protospiel is a great environment for anyone who loves to play games and likes to help make upcoming games better. It is the perfect place for game designers. Everyone is interest in your game development process and wants to help you create a great product. Protospiel and #Unpub are both events we are going to attend with our prototypes of Bee Lives We Will Only Know Summer.

The Wisconsin team will be looking into taking Bees Lives to the Milwaukee Protospiel in April. Matt is attending Unpub 8 in Baltimore, MD in March. We are also setting up play testing in June at Origins in Columbus, OH and in July at Dice Tower Con in Orlando, FL. These fantastic events are going to be critical in the development of Bee Lives We Will Only Know Summer.


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