An Early Playtest

An early playtest of Bee Lives

I’ve been working on Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer for about about a month now and have conducted several play tests.  Both on my own and with other people.  This week in September happened to be my birthday, and what better birthday gift could my friends give me than play testing the game I had been working on!  We headed out to a local German beer hall for a day of games and friends and got to it.  Play tests like this have been vital so far.  I can learn a lot by playing the game by myself, but the tests conducted with others always yield the best results.  You would be amazed at how many things you didn’t think of come to light when others get a hold of your game.  No one thinks the same way, and seeing how others interact with your rules and pieces can bring about some great inspiration.  It might be something minor, such as a slight tweak to what a resource affords you, but it can have drastic impact on your game.  I am definitely looking to more play tests and feed back in the near future!


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